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teen dance classesTuition

Tuition is based on the entire academic year of August -May. The annual rate is divided into monthly payments that are due on the first of every month. All payments are equal regardless of the number of lessons or weeks any given month may have including August and December.


Nicole Cote School of Dance offers 3 payment options. Choose the option that works best for you.

Option 1 - Automatic Draft: Pay monthly tuition with automatic draft/payment plan. Tuition will be automatically debited or charged from your choice of debit or credit card on the first day of each month (not including August). Note: you can still pay by cash or check to avoid the 4% credit surcharge.

Option 2 - Monthly Payments: Pay monthly tuition by cash, check (payable to Nicole Cote School of Dance), or credit/debit card through studio website. Note: You can still pay by cash or check to avoid the 4% credit surcharges.

Option 3 - Discounted Annual Payment: Pay tuition in full for the year and receive 5% discount on total tuition (if paid in August).

For customers wishing to utilitze our via online payment services with credit or debit cards there is a 4% surcharge to cover transaction fees.


When filling out the registration form you must enter a valid credit card or debit card to register. You credit or debit card will not be charged automatically unless you have chosen option 1 as a payment plan or the tuition falls behind 30 days. If tuition falls behind 30 days and there has been no attempt to make a payment, Nicole Cote School of Dance will automatically debit or charge the account on file. There will be a late fee automatically added of $20.00 per month to the debit or charge on the account.

If the debit or credit card is declined there will be a $35 fee applied to the account and your dancer will not be able to participate.

If you choose the monthly payment plan, payments must be made by the 1st of every month no later than the 5th of every month to avoid a $20.00 late fee that is automatically applied to your account. 

You may pay with cash or check by placing it in the studio lobby tuition box, mail payments to: 
5872 Goldrush Ave | Grant, Fl 32949; or you may make a payment online here.

The monthly payment plan is for your convenience only. If your child has an illness or injury and cannot attend class temporarily, tuition is still expected to continue to hold your dancers spot as the tuition rates are based on the fiscal school year.

  • If you are enrolled in the monthly payment plan, you must give notice by the 20th of the month in order to discontinue lessons so that you will not be charged for upcoming months.
  • Missed classes must be made up within 2 weeks of the absence or forfeit the class. No refunds or credits are given.
  • Missed classes must be made up within 2 weeks of the absence or forfeit the class. No refunds or credits are given.
  • Checks: There will be a $25.00 returned check fee.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $20.00 per dancer
Receive 50% off the registration fee if you register by June 1, 2017
Receive 25% off the registration fee per dancer if you register by June 30th, 2017
Full registration of $20.00 per dancer begins July 1st, 2017


Private Lesson = $55.00 (per half hour); $80 (per hour) Payment is due at each lesson
Single Class = $25.00 due at each lesson
"Fun Friday" Dance Class - Walk-ins are welcome! $10 per dancer (student); $15 per dancer (not registered student) 

2017-18 Monthly Tuition

.5 hr/wk
.75 hr/wk
1 hr/wk
1.25 hr/wk
1.5 hr/wk
1.75 hr/wk
2 hr/wk
2.25 hr/wk
2.5 hr/wk
2.75 hr/wk
3 hr/wk
3.25 hr/wk
3.5 hr/wk
3.75 hr/wk
4 hr/wk
4.25 hr/wk
4.5 hr/wk
4.75 hr/wk

Single dancer unlimited classes per week = $180.00/month or $1,800.00/year
Family unlimited classes per week = $200.00/month or $2,000.00/year (family living under the same roof)


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Wearing proper dance attire and shoes is essential to your dancers learning. It is important that your teacher can see your body alignment in order to correct your technique and give you the best training.

  • Dance and footwear can be purchased at Melbourne Dancewear or
    Discount Dance Supply
    (online only).
  • Tights should be Euroskin brand
  • Jazz shoes should be Bloch brand
  • Hair must always by pulled back in a pony tail or a bun for ballet classes.

tiny dance classesDRESS CODE BY CLASS

Baby First
Comfortable dance and play clothing. Socks allowed. No outside shoes permitted.

Creative Kids
Pink Leotard, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes. Pink skirts.

Tap/Ballet/Gym 1, 2, 3
Pink Leotard, Pink tights, Pink Ballet shoes, Black tap shoes. Skirts.

Any color leotard and tights. Skirts or shorts, Black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, and Tan Bloch jazz shoes.

Black leotard only, pink footed tights (not footless or convertible), pink ballet shoes. Hair must be worn in a bun! (for pointe classes-European pink pointe shoes). Pink Seamed tights for senior classes.

Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Acro
Any color leotard and tights (Lyrical and Contemporary, stirrup tights in caramel), shorts or skirts, Tan Bloch jazz shoes for jazz classes, Black tap shoes, Nude foot Undeez for Beginner/Intermediate Lyrical classes. For Teens/Seniors/Advanced classes-leather "nude eclipse" shoes for Lyrical and Contemporary. Acro-bare feet.

Hip Hop
Street clothes, black hip hop sneakers (ages 6-9). Ages 10 and up clean gym shoes any style. Please provide a pair of shoes that will be worn in the studio ONLY! No street shoes are allowed.

Mini Hip Hop
(Ages 3-6). Street clothes are acceptable. Pink ballet shoes. Black ballet shoes for boys

Musical Theatre/Character
Any color leotard, any color tights, shorts or skirts okay. Pink Ballet shoes for character classes. For musical/Broadway theatre classes (10+) Tan 2-inch women's character shoe.

Fun Friday Dance
Comfortable Clothes may be worn that allows for movement. Socks may be worn.

Barre Fitness/Contact Improvisation
Comfortable Clothes may be worn. Bare Feet. Light weights and yoga mat.

Technique For Turns and Leaps
Any color leotard, any color tights, Tan Bloch Jazz Shoes.

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